Your Media Screenshots

Display your Media and Messaging

Netvision Electronic Notice Boards have been designed to allow any type graphical or video content to be displayed. Content can be created using any desktop publishing tools from a simple PowerPoint slide or photograph to high resolution graphics created by professionals. The key aims of the system are to allow anyone to create content regardless of experience. A compelling mix of professional and locally created content is key to the success of the Electronic Notice Board by providing a platform for social inclusion where anyone can create and display a message.

Each Electronic Notice Board display is configured to delivers content in four predefined content windows. We provide some fresh up to date dynamic content including, News, Sports and Weather Feed, as well as public transport information detailing Bus/Tube/Train arrival times from stops or station in proximity to the Electronic Notice Boards installed location.

User configurable content windows include the main display window and the “Ticker Marque” which is useful for sending instant messages to specific screens – this is very useful for instantly informing residence of planned maintenance works, unplanned outages, or on-going incidents, and dramatically reduces the number of telephone calls received by helplines and maintenance reporting services.