Each Netvision Electronic Notice Board is supported by three interactive buttons. As well as allowing users to fast forward or go back to look at information they might have missed as content cycles through the main display window. We also support the categorisation of user created content so that it can be searched and accessed. Owners can create and store any number of slides or media including content that does not need to be displayed in the Notice Boards main display cycle. This could include lists of useful numbers or contacts, reporting procedures for maintenance issues etc – content that whilst very useful to residents, but might not be compelling or interesting for the main display.

Interactive Buttons

The interactive buttons can also be used to run simple customer surveys. Each button can be configured to record a response to a predefined defined question -for example, a set of questions regarding the effectiveness of the cleaning policy of the public areas of a multi dwelling block might be phrased “How satisfied are you with the cleanliness of this building?” Users can respond via the interactive buttons choosing predefined answers i.e. – Not Clean – Clean – Very Clean. These types of simple satisfaction survey are widely used by a range of industries and services in public areas and provide useful management reporting information.