Electronic Notice Boards

The Brief

“We need to communicate more effectively with residents on day to day issues concerning their block, anything from a lift outage to planned maintenance, local events and training opportunities. Paper notices get ignored and doing mail drops is time consuming, expensive and not very environmentally friendly. Whist we make announcements on our websites, people tend only to visit our site for specific information regards an issue they are currently facing. We want to ensure an engaging experience that is more technically advanced and inline with a modern society, delivering beneficial information. The system needs to be centrally managed to ensure content is consistent and properly mediated. Any hardware installed needs to be able to endure the rigours of a multi tenanted location. It must be always online so that we can send out instant messages and updates. Content must be a mix of council and community information.”

The Solution

WLMLabs developed our award winning Electronic Notice Board directly with the London Borough of Islington to deliver a client specific tailored product.

  • WLMLabs – Electronic Notice Boards
  • Developed with a Central London Authority
  • Easy to use – huge impact – 400% Uptake
  • Centralised Content Management System with simple “Drag & Drop” Interface
  • Advertising Free – Targeted Local Information
  • Instant Messaging, Updates and Alerts
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Rugged Proven Solution
  • Cost effective and easy to install
  • 24/7 Maintenance and Monitoring