Mobile CCTV

Mobile CCTV

The Brief

“We need to be able to deploy CCTV cameras on a temporary basis to any area of the borough. The cameras must be able to be quickly deployed with minimal cost. The cameras will be mounted on a mix of council assets, including buildings and lampposts – in some instances there wont be power or it will be intermittent. We need to be able to monitor the cameras remotely, and on mobile devices.”

The cameras will be used for a range of purposes including:
Fly tipping, ASB, Traffic Monitoring, Public Safety, Events and Crowd Control, Street Works Monitoring, Neighbourhood Disputes

The Solution

In response to this brief WLMLabs developed M-CCTV

Rapid Re-Deployable CCTV Cameras for:

  • Fly tipping
  • ASB – Youths / Graffiti / Drug Dealing
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Public Safety
  • Events and Crowd Control
  • Street Works Monitoring
  • Neighbourhood Disputes

Camera Features Include:

  • Real Time Communications / Wired Wi-Fi or LTE
  • Onboard recording
  • Integrates directly into any main CCTV system for central control
  • Deigned for Low or No Power Deployment
  • HD Images
  • ANPR Enabled