Visitor Station

The Brief

“We need a cheap PC terminal for users to our centre, it needs to be able to access the Internet, and be used for basic functions like Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations. Many of our users just want to access web mail or type up a CV. The system needs to be locked down so users can’t make changes to the operating system etc – in essence it needs to be self-cleaning so that each user starts with a blank canvas. We are aware of systems like Ghost and Deep Freeze, but these are expensive and designed for installation on Windows of Mac operating systems. From our experience these types of operating systems need to be regularly updated and maintained – we don’t have the time or in house skills to manage this. In particular Microsoft’s new subscription style licencing policy for Office products makes this quite expensive.”

The Solution

We fulfilled this request with the WLMLabs Visitor Station – a fully functioning workstation with self-cleaning functionality for under £250.00

A standalone PC Workstation for Visitors, Children and Communities.

Visitor Station is a complete plug and play PC workstation allowing access to the internet and popular Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentation Applications ideal for community centres, youth centres and waiting areas.

The system is designed for use by Multiple Users – there is no need to login, the system restores itself to a clean image upon every reboot, no need to worry about software patching, or anti virus – just reboot to restore to a clean operational image.

Delivered as a complete solution with 21.5”HD Screen, USB Keyboard and Mouse and VESA Mounted System Processor. The Visitor Station is compatible with both wired and Wi-Fi connections.