Door Entry

The Brief

“We are having issues with un-authorised access to our roof tops – we have loads of high rise buildings and these attract a lot of unwanted attention from youths and Pirate Radio Operators – We have tried fitting high security locks, but even these get broken, in particular the Pirate Radio Operators are very determined. Administration and issuing of keys is time consuming and complicated, we need a solution that allows for monitored access.”

The Solution

WLMLabs has delivered an innovative door access system, that combines GSM, VoIP, Bluetooth, CCTV and a remotely activated door entry system to provide a secure access solution for remote and sensitive locations.

A mix of voice and visual communications allows for manned access control from a monitoring centre, whilst our online Bluetooth App allows for unattended access to authorised individuals.

Real-time Access to the systems control functions make it easy to add or remove authorised users, and collect logs on door access approvals or attempts.

Key features include:

  • GSM / VoIP communications – allows two-way conversation between monitoring station and door entry
  • CCTV Camera – allows monitoring station to view door and individuals requesting access
  • Bluetooth App – for Android and IOS scans for door access software on users smart phone